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Free Corrective Exercise Templates

We have created a variety of templates that focus on common problem areas. These are composed of basic exercises that you can do on a daily basis to help with injury prevention and general maintenance. Most of the exercises require little or no equipment. Click on the link to download the PDF file.

Core Exercise

Core Strength

These exercises focus on core strength and stabilization.


Hip Mobility

Exercises that focus on releasing tight hips.

Hamstring Stretch.jpg

Hamstring Flexibility

Improve the flexibility of your hamstrings with these simple stretches.


Thoracic Mobility

Improve the mobility and rotation of your middle back with these exercises.



These exercises focus on strengthening the muscles that aide in maintaining a proper posture.


Hip Stability

Improve the stability of your hip using these exercises.


Wrist and Forearm

Try these s exercises to strengthen the muscles in your forearm to improve the stability of your wrist and reduce risk of of injury.

Physical Therapy Session

Ankle Stability

Help improve the stability of your ankle joints with these exercises.


Foam Roll

These foam roll exercises give you an easy guide for a total body release.

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