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Costa Performance Services

At Costa Performance, we provide a variety of services that include fitness training, recovery sessions, and a variety of assessments to meet all of your needs. We are also available to travel for clinics or consulting services. If you live far away, but still want to benefit from our training, we provide multiple options for online programs.

Services: Services

In-Person Sessions

We start by analyzing your specific needs and goals and then create an individualized fitness and recovery program personalized for you . In these sessions, your program will be directed and overseen by one of our qualified professionals.

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We provide a variety of assessments and analyses, depending on your needs. We then provide you with a comprehensive report and personalized recommendations.


Nutrition Services

At Costa Performance, we have a certified nutritionist that provides a variety of services depending on your specific needs. Whether your goal is to optimize performance and hydration on court, or to simply make healthier choices, we can help.


Clinics & Consulting

We provide a wide range of clinics for your facility, academy, or group. In addition, we are available for short or long-term consulting.

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